Fragrance soap

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Fragrance soap


Saint Labo Fragrance Soap is a special soap that contains high purity

and natural honey and is made by concentrating 11 types of moisturizing

and anti-aging essences such as Fulvic Acid and Placenta Extract.

After washing, it will give your skin a fresh feeling,

and this product has a mellow perfume of white bouquet flowers.


Special Features:

1. Ingredients made from up to 10% natural honey that are made from fine foam and are immediately springy. Nourish and keep your skin moist after cleansing with the honey extract.

2. Contains a variety of active ingredients from 11 finely-selected extracts which provide moisture and beautify your skin, for example: Royal jelly and honey smoothen your skin. Can apply all over face and body.

3. Naturally handmade one by one by professional craftsman. Premium quality testing over 3 months for the best quality with less processing by machinery.

4. A wonderful scent of a white flower bouquet embraces gently and softly on your skin. Inspired by “Sweet scent, beautiful body” concept we created sweet fragrance soap from white flower bouquet to attract your most charming features from the inside out.


“We proudly present this product which is 100% safe and you trustworthy. The item is delivered to you by from the heart and is suitable for everyday usage. “

Customer Review of someone who uses FRAGRANCE SOAP.
She is surprised with result …Ms.Kumada who is depressed from skin disease. Her skin’s texture was dried, thick, red and swollen due to severe chronic wounds around her neck. Also she had tiny spots on her palm from the same disease. She had this disease since being a baby and had received treatment by steroids for a long time. After she was advised… she stopped steroids and changed to use this product containing fulvic acid that resulted in her having much smoother and flawless skin like she has never seen before.




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