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The Characteristics of Lapovo

Lapovo, for a healthy and comfortable stomach 

Contains 60 biological plant extracts.

Most suitable for anyone who wants to diet, starve for short periods

of time or doesn’t eat on time as well as people with uncontrollable

eating habits, people who don’t eat many vegetables,

are sometimes nervous with life activities and do not exercise every day.

Introducing Lapovo, available in mixed fruit flavors,

it’s only 32kcal per meal, so you don’t need to worry about gaining


 With 9 significant features, these are the premium qualities of Lapovo:

1 Rich in biological extracts from 60 plants

2 Contain Fibers, Hyliumhulk, Glucomannan, Powder of soy bean,

Chia seeds and Barley Organic Leaf Extract

3 Active ingredients absorbing water and expanding itself

to make you feel full. Phyllium Husk and Glucomannan expand when

they absorb water. In addition, Chia seeds make you feel absolutely full

4  8 types of mixed vegetables grown in Japan including Sweet potato,

Cal Vegetables, l Pueblo, barley leaf, Abaichizo green leaves,

Mulberry fruit, Carrot and Pumpkin

5 Koji (Pure extract) from 6 Whole Grains include Millet sapling,

Japanese millet, Kibbi rice, Millet, Black purple Barley

6 Ingredients of bacteria, Lactic acid from plants and

Isomalto-oligosaccharides, IMOs

7 Contains Vitamins and Minerals for beauty include Vitamins A, D, E, B1, B2, Niacin, Vitamin B6, Folic acid, Vitamin B12, Pantothenic acid, Vitamin C and Baker yeast (Include zinc, manganese, copper, iodine, zinc, chromium, molybdenum)

8 Enjoy with a great everyday taste. Mix Tropical fruit (Mix fruit), Mango and Pineapple. This is easy to drink by shaking with milk or soy milk

9 Low calories just 32 Kcal per meal yet makes you full for a long time and not only the nutritional supplements, it’s is also used as a snack when hungry


How to mix: 4 easy steps and in just 10 seconds you can drink
1 Pour 1 sachet ( 8 g.) into a mixing bottle.

2 Add 200 cc. of water or you can mix it with milk or soy milk.

3 Close the bottle and shake well then leave for about 3-5 minutes.

The texture will get thicker which makes you feel full

4 Drink it slowly just like you’re having food.


Results of customers who drink Lapovo

           “In a month I lost 3.5 kg of weight. Lapovo is easy to drink

with water or

milk, you can select your favorite. After I drink it, it makes me feel very

good! I have it instead of dinner and the next day my excretory

system is better. I drank it at every dinner time and in a month

I lost 3.5 kg. After I continued for 2 months, my weight went down slowly.

With a mixed fruit flavor, it is tasty and easy to drink and you can make

it as part of your daily routine.”

·         “Drink Lapovo continuously because it’s tasty! When

I was 20 years old I had Anorexia. But after I tried Lapovo I drank it every

dinner. Lapovo is tasty and after 2 months my weight had gone down.

I am confident that I will achieve my weight target for sure!”

·         “I don’t like vegetables and fruit at all and I’m concerned about

my health. I rarely have them and that makes me concerned about my

health. If I don’t eat both I will have health problems and this is the

point…to start! I see that the ingredients in Lapovo contain biological

extracts from 60 plants. And it is easy to drink because the taste

is sweet and a bit sour.”


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