Fragrance SOAP Face & Body


Natural Dye Soap Royal jelly extract, propolis, fulvic acid, collagen, hyaluronan, squalane ceramide, coenzyme Q10 Instead of a persimmon ninja


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Fragrance SOAP

  1. This is handmade soap. Produced by skilled craftsmen

    Because touching your sensitive skin took three months to check the quality over and over again. Through the least machine processing. And produced by skilled craftsmen one by one with meticulous care 

    Contains 11 hydrating and beauty ingredients.
    1. Honey
    2. Royal Jelly
    3. Propolis
    4.Acid fulvic
    5. Collagen
    6. Placenta extract
    7. Hyaluron
    8. Squalane
    9. Ceramide
    10. Coenzyme Q10
    11. Instead of a persimmon ninja

    Each ingredient is carefully selected for your beautiful skin. Could be used on both face and body.

    Fragrance SOAP also has a scent of white floral bouquet.
    "A fragrance suits a beautiful body" With that basic idea. We have therefore created a fragrant soap that contains a strong blend of white floral bouquet scents. Which is the favorite of women

    A classic fragrance that you can touch without being unsealed. Suit your beautiful body and attest the charm of the woman on your body.

    ** 7 safe and free ingredients **
    - Free of synthetic surfactants
    - Synthetic color
    - UV absorber
    - Alcohol
    - Parabens
    - Phenoxyethanol
    - mineral oil

    *** Made and imported products from Japan ***
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