The benefits of Hydrogen  
“Hydrogen water” The power against the illness. and inhibit aging. Humans in the era of life and society change rapidly. That many people are not unaware of their own health care. Perhaps through ignorance or negligence. Destroyed the body's resistance system to the point that the body couldn't resist. Defeat chronic disease Degenerative diseases (Degenerative Diseases) and aging (Aging). Although current treatment technology progresses.  Help us deceased slow. It seems odd that we are aging, that means a slow deceased, but premature aging. According to research, found that having good health And the inhibition of aging depends on "water". Allow the body to get adequate amounts of water (drink at least 8 glasses of water per day (240 cc per glass). And drink the best water from drinking "clean water" (without impurities Clearwater, colorless, odorless, tasteless). Which results in excellent health. But if there is drinking water, resulting in excellent health. And can inhibit aging Including the ability to prevent and treat various diseases. adjust perspective on the issue of drinking water, "water" to "water quality" healthy.  

 “Hydrogen water” is a new innovation that has been researched and developed over 20 years in Japan. By Professor Shigeo Ohta, Professor of Graduate Studies Branch Cell Biology. Specializing in aging science at Nippon Medical School. The person who led the experiments to research published in the magazine "Nature Medicine" in 2007. Since that began bringing hydrogen. To maintain in the field of alternative medicine is increasing. Because his research reports “Hydrogen acts as an effective antioxidant in the treatment of (selective reduction). Especially the oxygen free radicals damage cells", explains Professor Shigeo Ohta. 
How does hydrogen water help our health? 

Hydrogen molecules are the smallest in the world. When two hydrogen atoms that are combined the result is a hydrogen molecule, H2. Which is soluble in both water and oil. The outside of human cells, while the oil is in the water. Since the hydrogen molecules are soluble in both water and oil. And very small, can enter the cells in the human body easily. Accordingly when the "Hydrogen" combines with " the free radicals bad oxygen ."  Shall react reduction, Resulting in being able to change to water then unharmed to the body.  And excreted through sweat or urine.
The results of the blood flow better when drinking hydrogen.
                              Before drinking hydrogen water                                      After drinking hydrogen water
An instance of blood cells before and after drinking hydrogen water by venipuncture. And through telescopes Dark Field Microscope to observe before drinking the cells look clumpy, clingy, and Cheltenham.
But after drinking water into the spherical cells do not stick as a raft. Which means improved blood flow markedly.
Professor Shigeo Ohta explains the benefits of hydrogen as follows.

1) Helps people feel less tired.

2) Helps to sweat certainly by increasing body temperature.

3) The blood flows smoothly.

4) Treat allergies.

5) Inhibits inflammation.

6) Helps wounds heal better.

7) Assist in urination.

8) Reduces depression (with experiments on rats).

What is hydrogen? And Could Hydrogen be able to help you?

1. Hydrogen molecules are the smallest in the world, and efficiently move into your body suddenly and certainly to solve the problems you have.

2. Reduce stress and inflammation in the body.

3. Most diseases are caused by oxidative stress / free radicals.

4. Hydrogen is an antioxidant strategic response to free radicals, the damage cells, and none cells with physiological roles or cures lives.

5. Hydrogen control / stimulates Ghrelin and Leptin (two hormones in the body regulate fat accumulation, energy, etc.)

This hydrogen is useful for neurological disorders such as Parkinsons, autism, Alzheimers, etc. This lack of secretion of Ghrelin.

6. Hydrogen improves our energy.
Dissemination of scientific research on hydrogen water
News of the popular morning news program. ‘Ohayo Nippon’
‘The impact of hydrogen on health’.
Articles published have demonstrated medical qualifications of hydrogen, an antioxidant is ill to the body. Medicinal and natural potential in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
There have been reports that the results of the research have been published in Nature Medicine, a medical journal of the United States. Has confirmed that free radicals help cause aging and illness. Be able to dispose of hydrogen is expected to be utilized in the prevention and treatment of various diseases.
Newspapers and various media in Japan reported the news about hydrogen water.
The first experiment of H2 in cultured cells.

Rendered the effect of hydrogen H2 reacting with free radicals.
                                                      No Hydrogen H2 (Unhappy).                              Hydrogen H2 (Happy)    
                                                                                                                                                                                        January, 2005
 The pros and cons ... of various types of water.
In the selection to drink any type of water, then you should pay more attention and safety in your health considerations than you think. Because the water that looks pure and clear is possibly not always the case …
Bottled water
Many people select to drink bottled water because they are confident that the quality is better than other types of water. It is convenient to buy simple things. However, some brands of bottled water are tap water. In addition, we drink bottled water for a long time. May be able to receive certain substances in plastic, is Xenoestrogen to penetrate into the body none signal this cabin is a carcinogen. Found in plastic water bottles, foam boxes which Xenoestrogen will release when bumping, scratching, or being heated.

 Tap water 
The advantages of drinking tap water are comfortable and help you save money but may have an unusual odor. The use of chlorine to disinfect the water. And uncertainty about the quality of water from other substances. In the water might be the cause of subsequent disease. Such as aluminum chloride and fluoride added to the water. A research report found obtaining aluminum in large quantities. And longer may increase the risk of Alzheimer's disease. However, the waterworks of our an announce the aluminum in our water is not large quantities sufficient to cause disease. In addition, the occurrence of Alzheimer's disease originates from several factors. Such as genetics and lifestyle in consequence drinking water is unlikely to affect the occurrence of such diseases.

RO water
RO water is very clean from the secondary water and distilled water is considered to be mild water with a slightly acidic acid. The lower minerals but has fewer germs alike. Suited to applications requiring high purity water. Such as medical and industrial etc. But unsuitable for use as drinking water. In order for the bodies to live a regular happy life must be balanced every moment. The lower minerals lose balance. When the body needs to expel through waste the kidneys remove the accumulated minerals. The calcium mineral accumulates in bone or consuming that contain other minerals in sufficient quantities per day for the body to "balance ordinary" 
Alkaline water
Conclusion unverified medical benefit in the treatment of disease, Anticancer, Alkaline water anyway. Therefore, drinking "alkaline water" or "alkaline concentration".  That claims to be able to resist cancer, balance the acid in the body, cleans the intestines, helps the absorption of food, anti-aging, this trend originated the idea that the body is acidic. Cancer cells grow and cause various diseases for the balance of the body is to drink alkaline water. But drinking alkaline water (at curing compounds, calcium, and potassium). If the mixing ratio is not corrosive. Irritate the mouth and internal organs of the body, burn and
Mineral water
Mineral water originates from natural sources such as natural springs. The hot springs contain minerals dissolved in water. Non-adoption of the minerals in the water to fill up. The major minerals are calcium, sodium, magnesium, potassium, and five species of sulfur. But types of minerals rather depend on the source of water taken. We could drink mineral water or nondrinking possibly. Because our bodies neatly receive minerals from regular food intake. If they shall drink mineral water, just be careful not to drink daily. And don't drink too much because minerals may accumulate in the body to lose balance instead of going to a health-inducing disease.
Hydrogen water
Japan has more than 20 years of research and development of "hydrogen". As a powerful antioxidant nonimpact on the drug used regularly and without harm to the body. Because of hydrogen when water enters the body. The specific electrons in hydrogen reduction of free radicals made the transition back into the water, are eliminated leaving the body through sweat and urine. Currently accepted medical and scientific accuracy. Hydrogen can inhibit deterioration and aging and various diseases caused by toxic oxygen or free radicals.


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