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Hydrogen Server water  SUISO599 mini
Hydrogen Water Machine


"Water" is essential to life because our bodies are water features to 60%.

Accordingly  drinking water is extremely important for our health. New

innovations in drinking water and change lives (Lifestyle-related diseases).

Currently a variety of factors were causing encounters with toxic substances.

Pollution, poor quality food Including worst oxygen. These things will have a

negative effect, causing the body and various cells to deteriorate. Causes of

illness followed.  "Free radicals’ "are unstable atoms provided paired with

minerals or various compounds. Repeated oxidation and prolonged distant

periods influence abnormal body functions. Until the body became loss of

balance displayed, Symptoms of illness. Aging the body's internal organs



Free radicals (Free Radicals) Reaction of oxidation (Oxidation).




Before drinking hydrogen water          After drinking hydrogen water


Instance of blood cells before and after drinking hydrogen water by

venipuncture. And through telescopes Dark Field Microscope to observe

before drinking the cells look clumpy, clingy and cheltenham. But after

drinking water into the spherical cells do not stick as a raft.  Which means

improved blood flow markedly.




Suiso599 Device Information



Size     : Width 36 cm x Height 41 cm x Length 126.5 cm

Weight  : 36 kg

Power   : 100 V

Cold water system : Cold water tank capacity 4.8 L

Hot water system : Hot water tank capacity 2.0 L

1 year warranty period

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