New innovation of facial treatment, 5 steps in 1 from Japan.


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New innovation of facial treatment, 5 steps in 1 from Japan.
Contains 10 concentrated nourishing ingredients.
Along with the aging of the skin with the effectiveness of the existing Fulvic Acid can increase the limit. Skin care helps to stimulate the skin to be moist, smooth, firm until the skin is clear and softly.
Clarify And anti aging daily.

Aqua Fulviec helps slower aging and white beauty daily. Concentrated extraction from high purity Fulvic Acid. And is a natural extract derived from plants containing Humic, only extracted from North America.

Aqua Fulviec is complete in amino acids and chelate compounds, reducing dark spots and Freckles on the skin and helps reduce the skin to be white. Along with reducing the appearance of fine lines and wrinkles cause unconcern

* The product contains ingredients that do not cause irritation to the skin. Helps to adjust the color of melanin in the skin which is the cause of wrinkles *

Only 10 minutes 1 step skin care
10 skin-nourishing ingredients
1. Fulvic Acid
2. Collagen
3. Extract from the placenta
4. Hyaluronic acid
5. Shark liver extract
6. Herbs extracts
7. Ceramide
8. Royal Jelly Extract
9. Platinum Nano Substance
10. Coenzyme

All of the freckles will penetrate the skin. Enters the skin immediately when gently massaged onto the skin. The product has a concentration of components, including serum and foundation, all in one product. Just one step could help nourish the skin.

Aqua Fulviec contains 6 non-irritating nourishing formulas.
- None Mineral oil
- None color coated
- None ultraviolet absorbing additives
- Does not contain perfume
- None detergent to reduce surfactants.
- None parabens

** Made and imported products from Japan **

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